Terms and Conditions

Agilent Technologies Product Take Back Program Terms and Conditions

“Agilent” in Austria means Agilent Technologies Österreich GmbH, in Belgium Agilent Technologies Belgium S.A./N.V.,in Denmark Agilent Technologies Denmark ApS, in Finland Agilent Technologies  Finland Oy,  in France Agilent Technologies France SAS, in Germany Agilent Technologies Sales & Services GmbH & Co. KG ,in Ireland Agilent Technologies Ireland Limited, in Italy Agilent Technologies Italia S.p.A,  in the Netherlands Agilent Technologies Netherlands B.V. , in Spain Agilent Technologies Spain, S.L., in Sweden Agilent Technologies Sweden AB , in Switzerland Agilent Technologies (Schweiz) AG , and in UK Agilent Technologies LDA UK Limited

Customers accept the following terms and conditions when they submit a Product Take Back request:

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, only Agilent products placed on the EU market after 13 August 2005 are eligible for this program. 

The returned product must not be contaminated with substances that may be hazardous to health or harmful to the environment. Customer is requested to provide a Declaration of Decontamination to collection service provider.

Returns of Electron Capture Detectors (ECD) are managed through dedicated processes according local nuclear material regulations. Customer is responsible for removing the ECD(s) from gas chromatograph instruments returned through this product take back program.

Customer is responsible for the deletion/removal/cleansing of any sensitive data contained in or on products that are returned.

Transport costs will be financed by Customer unless other conditions have been agreed with Agilent.

Packaging Condition – All products are to be packaged for protection before transport and labelled with the Order Tracking Number on the outside surface of the packaging container.

Disposal Fees – Agilent will pay all recycling fees related to the treatment, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of the product submitted through this program.

Assignment - Customer assigns all rights in the title and treatment, recovery, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of the submitted product to Agilent, free and clear of any future encumbrances. Customer warrants that it has clear and unencumbered title to the product being shipped to Agilent.

Customer will provide a representative on site the day of the pick up to direct logistics provider to the appropriate products. Customer will be responsible for any costs incurred if products which are sent for shipment are identified as not being in line with the conditions above.

Agilent is not responsible for any product shipped in error and makes no guarantees that such product can be returned to the Customer. If stated product can be identified and returned, the Customer will pay for shipping and related fees and may be held liable for additional administrative fees.